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Use bash aliases for productivity boost.

in Productivity · 2 min read

If you operate on the command line, you will find that there are several commands that you use over and over again. While the makers of many of the most common command utilities have attempted to eliminate extraneous typing by using shortened names (e.g. ls instead of list and cd ...

Shorter way to retrieve models in chunks in Laravel.

in Laravel · 1 min read

@freekmurze recently shared this very useful and undocumented Laravel feature which makes me wonder how many other such useful undocumented gems does Laravel have? 🤔 🔥 Here's an undocumented hidden @laravelphp gem. Did you know you there's a shorter way to retrieve mode ...

Some interesting web development podcasts.

in Podcasts · 1 min read

If you are like me, who love to learn about new things in the world of web development, you will know podcasts are a fun way to do so. In this post, I have created a list of the most informative and inspiring web development podcasts that I listen to. 1. Syntax ...

The beginning.

in Introduction · 3 min read

Hello World Welcome to my new personal website and blog. I decided to write this blog as a way to collect notes and articles on things I've learned, stuff that I found useful, projects I've been working on and thoughts on hot topics. If you are here, I hope you find something use ...